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MWP Feature Contest Results Below!

We are so excited to annoucne that winner of the Mad Wife Productions Feature Film contest is:

**’Final Girl’ written by Zach Jansen**

logline: The sole survivor of a slasher killer’s murderous spree struggles to overcome her grief while a new killer is ravaging the town and her friends.

Final Girl is in pre-production; slated for October 2022 production.

Check back here for production updates here.

Thank you to everyone who submitted!

Zach Jansen Final Girl Award Winner
Dillon Brown The Maze Honorable Mention
Taylor Salotti Marianas Web Honorable Mention
Rick Williams FAKERS  Honorable Mention
Armand Arekian Winter Solstice Honorable Mention
Mark Wasserman Blood Medicine Finalist
Selaine Henriksen Cold Snap Finalist
Carlos Perez Skinned Finalist
Angel Carr Heartbreak Hotel Finalist
Jasmine S The Northwood Finalist
Daniel Dougherty Redwoods Finalist
Tom Sime Bloodletters Finalist
KC Kramer Tonight Finalist
Katy Dore RANCOR Finalist
Nicole Sell Black Roses Finalist
David Zuckerman Wendigo Finalist
Stephen Delos Treacy Winter Bird Finalist
Clay Callender The Shadow Falls Finalist
Glenn Maneval Jr Sunrise Trail Finalist
Bernhard Riedhammer Pick Finalist
Chris Warner Vermin Semi-Finalist
Dr. Beth-Anne Blue SUPPOSED TO BE Semi-Finalist
Stuart Forrest Brood Semi-Finalist
Lynn Elliott The Script Semi-Finalist
Nathaniel Baker The Greenwood – Screenplay Semi-Finalist
Julia Petrisor The Man Semi-Finalist
Julian Tepfers Blood Red Leather Hell Semi-Finalist
Lisa Wood Don’t Answer Your Phone! Semi-Finalist
Stephen Foster Pyramid Scheme Semi-Finalist
Brandon Keenan Decompose – Body Farm 2 Semi-Finalist
ethan chen Under the Bed Semi-Finalist
Craig Winstead CHASING RABBITS Semi-Finalist
Bill Mesce, Jr. Original Sins Semi-Finalist
Giacomo Giammatteo Necessary Decisions Semi-Finalist
Benjamin S. Armstrong Appalachian: Schaumbochs Tavern Semi-Finalist
Allan Tamshen Hypnoduce Semi-Finalist
Katy Dore Piper Semi-Finalist
Samuel Bollen Roswell ’97 Semi-Finalist
christine inserra Monumental Semi-Finalist
Carmen Mosley Absolution Semi-Finalist
Armand Arekian Burn Semi-Finalist
Michael p. Origins Semi-Finalist
Don Stroud Misfortune Cookies Semi-Finalist
Don Stroud Morbidly Semi-Finalist
Seth Nelson Welcome to GaryTown Semi-Finalist
Gary Porpora American Breakdown Semi-Finalist
Dave Schmeling Invisible Semi-Finalist
Stuart Forrest Impetuois Semi-Finalist
Pisarno D’Amico Sunnyside 666 Semi-Finalist
Paul A Skinner Soulmates Semi-Finalist
Julie Nicholson The Haunting in Ajo Semi-Finalist
Lynn Elliott GHOST TOWN, NM Semi-Finalist
Mark Clemente The Whole Zen Thing Semi-Finalist
David McPete Picking Up Jesus Semi-Finalist
Ruben Estremera & Gregory Wolk Remote Semi-Finalist
Shira Zimbeck Mincemeat Manor Semi-Finalist
Timothy Kissell Wax Play Semi-Finalist
erik schill The Apex Semi-Finalist
Raynard Gadson Recapture Quarter-Finalist
Dana Hammer Marshmallows Quarter-Finalist
Chris Warner Half Day Quarter-Finalist
Brian Savage The Bloody Benders Quarter-Finalist
Randall Reneau south of good Quarter-Finalist
Stephanie Jacobsmeyer Redemption: Sister Bloody Mary Quarter-Finalist
P James Norris Wind Quarter-Finalist
Phillip Hardy The Skull Quarter-Finalist
Scott Richards The Immolation Quarter-Finalist
Harry Kakatsakis Dark Site Quarter-Finalist
Eric Glawe The Colony Quarter-Finalist
Joseph L Harrison SOUL’S ON FIRE Quarter-Finalist
Ken White Lunatic Fringe Quarter-Finalist
G. Lloyd Helm OTHER DOORS Quarter-Finalist
G. Lloyd Helm GORDON’S MERCY Quarter-Finalist
Bill Mesce, Jr. Simon Says Quarter-Finalist
Michael Diamond STAR WITNESS Quarter-Finalist
Veronica R. Tabares Paranormal Rescue Quarter-Finalist
Michael Mizerany Die Already! Quarter-Finalist
Cyle Brooks SVF: Reborn Quarter-Finalist
David M Hinds Taser Quarter-Finalist
Peter Narodny Prison To Paradise Quarter-Finalist
William Holland Two Roads to Riva Quarter-Finalist
Claire Kathryn Roche Our Home Quarter-Finalist
Hogan Hiatt Chapter of Ghouls Quarter-Finalist
Stephen Colley Liberation Quarter-Finalist
Sarkes Yakhnis 11:59 Quarter-Finalist
Joe Leone Hail Santa Quarter-Finalist
Robbie Purdon Hardcore Quarter-Finalist
John Ravitz Hunting The Deckers Quarter-Finalist
Timothy Hastings Just One of the Girls Quarter-Finalist
Benn Flore Restaurant la V̩rit̩ РAmerica Great Again Quarter-Finalist
Joe Leone Retirement Road Trip Quarter-Finalist
Joel Reeves Helicopter Dad Quarter-Finalist
Mark Bourbeau Conundrum Quarter-Finalist
Kevin Schewe Bad Love Strikes Quarter-Finalist
Don Stroud Consumed Quarter-Finalist
Yanfang Hu Nineteen Quarter-Finalist
Charlize Unpingco Girl Quarter-Finalist
Bruno Derlin Threshold Quarter-Finalist
Graeme MacQueen Good Night, Sergeant Quarter-Finalist
Vincent Paterno Stand Tall! Quarter-Finalist
John Ervin These Eyes Quarter-Finalist
Danny Czyz Two Wolves Quarter-Finalist
Jessica Brunelle Go Bliss Yourself Quarter-Finalist
Renee Meland The Story Shall Stay Quarter-Finalist
Renee Meland Static Quarter-Finalist
Paul A Skinner Kidney Beans Quarter-Finalist
Gregory Pricoli Influence Quarter-Finalist
SAMUEL TAYLOR AT THE MERCY OF FAITH – Terror Version Quarter-Finalist
Julie Nicholson Renting Howie Quarter-Finalist
Ethan Furman The Breakup Window Quarter-Finalist
Glenn Maneval Jr Better World Quarter-Finalist
Lazarus Hart Conform Quarter-Finalist
Joe Leone What’s the worst that can happen? Quarter-Finalist
Kevin Schewe Bad Love Tigers Quarter-Finalist
christine inserra Monumental Quarter-Finalist
david duty What We Leave Behind Quarter-Finalist
Ben Fussiner A Little Bit Louder Quarter-Finalist
Rick Jones Hospice Quarter-Finalist
Christopher Moreman Dead Time Quarter-Finalist
John Murphy Buttercup Quarter-Finalist
Michael Kennedy Basement Decorum Quarter-Finalist
Dathan Paterno Mad Quarter-Finalist
Michael Kennedy Urban Decay Quarter-Finalist
Pamela PerryGoulardt Underwater Hazards Quarter-Finalist
Michael Dugan Shoulda’ Swiped Left Quarter-Finalist
Amanda Grafe White Cross Quarter-Finalist
Eric Neilson Take My Wife, Please (or Peter Farrelly, Please Make This Film) Quarter-Finalist
Ben Burgess Jr. Black and White Quarter-Finalist
Megan Breen The Widow Mrs. Widger Quarter-Finalist
helen hudson Blinded by Faith Quarter-Finalist
Viera Iglesias Luminousia Retreat Quarter-Finalist
Gary Porpora Finney’s Wake Quarter-Finalist
Gary Porpora Elvis & Jesse Quarter-Finalist
John Ervin Heartbreak Glass Quarter-Finalist
Janet Loftis Zombies on a Bus Quarter-Finalist

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