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Final Girl

Written by Zach Jansen (winner of Mad Wife Feature contest)

Genre: Thriller

Logline: The sole survivor of a slasher killer’s murderous spree struggles to overcome her grief while a new killer is ravaging the town and her friends.

In Pre-Production; slated for October 2022 production

Being Benjamin

Written by MJ Palo and Chelsea Hazzard

Genre: Dark Comedy

Logline: What could go wrong when a small-time criminal decides to switch places with his dead twin brother and take his successful life in order to avoid a prison sentence… well, everything!

In pre-production; slated for Q2 2023 production

Crimson Road

Written By MJ Palo

Genre: Thriller-Suspense

Logline: Imagine you’re a 24-year-old bartender, broke and going from paycheck to paycheck. Imagine you have a 20-year-old fuck-up of a sister you still need to babysit. Now imagine you find yourself in your sister’s boyfriend’s house with bunch of dead drug dealers and two million dollars in a suitcase… This is the situation in which Sam Crimson finds herself one night with nothing to lose except her and her sister’s life.


Written by MJ Palo

Genre: Action-Thriller

Logline: While hunting for serial bank robbers in rural Montana, an injured FBI agent gets stranded in the middle of a snowstorm and needs to seek the help of an eccentric and reclusive hunter to catch the robbers.


Written By MJ Palo

Genre: Thriller-Suspense

Logline: After a young woman goes missing, a widowed sheriff begins to investigate her disappearance in a small rural town while struggling to raise her own teenage daughter.

Club 27

Written by MJ Palo, Paul Skinner, and Ville Hokkanen

Genre: Dark Dramedy

Logline: When a 27-year-old rising rock star overdoses on drugs and ends up in the hospital in a coma, his soul wakes up in a purgatory where he meets his heroes – the musical legends of the Club 27. Now he needs to decide to either change his life or join the club forever.

Other projects:

Scoundrels by MJ Palo – Sci-fi-Action-Comedy

Where is Sherry Moon by MJ Palo – Thriller

Aunt Jeannie by David Gray – Action-Comedy

4 Hours Till Sunset by Don Upton and MJ Palo – Drama-Short


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