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Waking Up 80

Sixteen-year-old Kara Stewart is fed up with just about everything. Between the boring schoolwork, a crush on a clueless boy, and her mom’s annoying new husband, she’s ready to pack her stuff and leave. And that’s exactly what she chooses to do one night. However, things quickly change when she gets hit by a car and wakes up in a nursing home at the age of 80 in a world far beyond recognition.

Going into production Jan 2021.

The Target List

After announcing a ground-breaking cancer cure, two members of a research team are shot by an assassin. The remaining two researchers barely escape the attack only to find themselves framed for murder. Now they need to prove their innocence while running from both the police and the assassin hired to kill them by the big pharma.

Going into production March-April 2021.

No Virtue

When drifter couple, Natasha and Vern, accidentally stumble onto a house of two drug dealers for a Mexican cartel, they decide to take over the business. However, things get tricky when the drug kingpin’s son, Pedro, arrives to keep an eye on things and a nosy neighbor starts blackmailing them…

Continuation of season 1… coming in 2021.

The Ripple Effect

Feature Film | Script In Development

Club 27

Feature Film | Script In Development

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