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Carp-e Diem

When drifter couple, Natasha and Vern, accidentally stumble onto a house of two drug dealers for a Mexican cartel, they decide to take over the business. However, things get tricky when the drug kingpin’s son, Pedro, arrives to keep an eye on things and a nosy neighbor starts blackmailing them…

In Post Production

The Target List

Written By MJ Palo & John Reizer

Genre: medical thriller

Logline: After announcing a ground-breaking cancer cure, the four members of the research team are targeted by an assassin hired by the big pharma. Two researchers escape the attack, only to find themselves on the killer’s target list.

Proof of concept filmed. Full Feature in Pre-Production

Crimson Road

Written By MJ Palo

Genre: thriller-suspense

Logline: Imagine you’re a 24-year-old bartender, broke and going from paycheck to paycheck. Imagine you have a 20-year-old fuck-up of a sister you still need to babysit. Now imagine you find yourself in your sister’s boyfriend’s house with bunch of dead drug dealers and two million dollars in a suitcase… This is the situation in which Sam Crimson finds herself one night with nothing to lose except her and her sister’s life…


Written by MJ Palo

Genre: action-thriller

Logline: While hunting for serial bank robbers in rural Montana, an injured FBI agent gets stranded in the middle of a snowstorm and needs to seek the help of an eccentric and reclusive hunter to catch the robbers.


Written By MJ Palo

Genre: thriller-suspense

Logline: After a young woman goes missing, a widowed sheriff begins to investigate her disappearance in a small rural town while struggling to raise her own teenage daughter.

Club 27

Written by MJ Palo, Paul Skinner, and Ville Hokkanen

Genre: dark dramedy

Logline: When a 27-year-old rising rock star overdoses on drugs and ends up in the hospital in a coma, his soul wakes up in a purgatory where he meets his heroes – the

musical legends of the Club 27. Now he needs to decide to either change his life or

join the club forever.

Other projects:

Scoundrels by MJ Palo – Sci-fi-action-comedy

Being Benjamin by MJ Palo – thriller-comedy

Where is Sherry Moon by MJ Palo – thriller

Aunt Jeannie by David Gray – action-comedy

Tree O’mine by Bernhard Riedhammer – Drama-Short

4 Hours Till Sunset by Don Upton and MJ Palo – Drama-Short


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