TV Writer Contest

The contest is no longer accepting submissions.

The finalists and the winner will be announced soon!

Mad Wife Productions is out to find the next big TV writer!

  • The winner will be hired to write the pilot episode of a new half-hour TV show called Memory Lane that goes to production in May 2021 and will be filmed in Reno, Nevada.
  • Justine Reyes from Tru Talent Agency is the casting agent for the show.
  • The winner will work with the producer and creator of the show to write the first draft of the pilot screenplay based on an existing outline.
  • Memory Lane is a dramedy that centers around Joanna Lane, a director of a retirement community, as well as the residents and employees as they live their daily lives in a community that is anything but retired.
  • The contest runs from February 9 to 22. Only 200 entries accepted.
  • The winning writer will be announced no later than Feb 28th. The writer will earn a writer for hire contract to become a produced writer on the show, and $500 cash after completion of the drafts. All work will be done virtually so writers all around the world can apply.
  • Submit any TV screenplay you have (any genre, Max 70 pages). Two-person writing teams are accepted but they need to share the prize.
  • Each entry will receive a free 2-page analysis. Or upgrade to the entry and full analysis (10-14 pages of studio-level notes)

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